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What is an Avariel?

The Avariel are a subrace of elves with large, feathered wings that allow them to soar through the skies with grace and agility. They are a rare and reclusive race, dwelling in remote mountaintops and hard-to-reach places. The Avariel are fiercely independent and possess strong wills, and they take pride in their natural athleticism and skill with weapons.

Avariel are tall and slender, with fair skin and hair that ranges from white to silver. Their wings may be of any color, though they typically match their hair. Avariel possess keen vision and excellent hearing, allowing them to spot prey or enemies from great distances.

Avariel are usually good-natured and helpful; however, they take great offense to anyone who tries to limit their freedom or treat them as slaves. They have a deep appreciation for nature and birds, often taking time to commune with the creatures of the sky. Avariel also possess powerful magic abilities, allowing them to manipulate elements such as air and lightning in battle.

Overall, the Avariel are a noble and proud race of elves who strive to protect nature and defend their freedom at all cost. They may be reclusive, but they are far from weak; their loyalty and bravery is not easily surpassed.

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Female Avariel names

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