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What is a clown?

A clown is part of the circus. They belong to the most important and influential parts of every circus, in fact. Clowns have a natural talent to bring joy and make people laugh.

They are very talented in various art forms, including but not limited to unicycling, acrobatics, juggling, and pantomime.

Clowns always wear brightly colored clothes with big patterns, and they have white faces with red lips. This is part of their act, and it helps them stand out from the rest.

Even though clowns might seem like they’re all fun and games, they are actually very hard workers. They spend hours practicing their craft to make sure that their act is perfect.

Overall, clowns are happy and fun-loving people that value laughter and joy. They possess a natural talent for making people smile and laugh, allowing them to use their power to aid them in their endeavors. As such, clowns are often seen as wise and powerful guides who can offer valuable insight into difficult situations.

Clown names

Clown names

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