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This Dryad name generator offers a bounty of Dryad names perfect for christening your Dryad characters. With a single click, unleash a cascade of hundreds of Dryad names, delivering ten unique options with each tap.

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What is a Dryad?

Dryads are female beings from Greek mythology. They are known for their grace, beauty, and power over nature. Dryads typically have long hair and pointed ears and wear beautiful dresses – or nothing at all!

Dryads are nature spirits living in trees, looking like beautiful young women. Dryads were initially the deities of oak trees (“drys” means “oak”); however, as time passed, this term became applicable to all tree nymphs. It was believed that they shared a lifespan with their host trees and would die simultaneously when these woody plants perished.

In mythology, Dryads are often depicted as wise sages or powerful protectors of the natural world. Despite this, they can still be mischievous and unpredictable if approached in a disrespectful manner.

Overall, Dryads are graceful yet powerful creatures who prioritize nature above all else.

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