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What is a Gnome?

Gnomes are found in folklore and fantasy universes like Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and many more. They are small, humanoid creatures who typically have pointed ears and wear colorful clothing.

Culturally, Ingenuity is paramount to gnomes; they can often be found busy with the act of tinkering or devising new inventions and machines. Besides this, these fastidious problem solvers are also celebrated for their resourcefulness when presented with a challenge - capable of coming up with quick solutions that prove fruitful in the end.

Overall, Gnomes are jubilant yet prankish creatures that prioritize creativity and knowledge. Their natural skill for engineering and invention makes them invaluable helpers in times of need; they can easily provide worthwhile advice when faced with various predicaments. As such, these cheerful beings have earned the love of many who consider them irreplaceable guides.

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