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What is a Grugach?

The Grugach are a rare subrace of elves native to the forests of Faerun. They have adapted well to their environment, developing an intimate connection with nature that allows them greater control over its power. The Grugach are also known for their prowess as archers, able to hit almost any target with pinpoint accuracy.

Grugach typically have fair skin and reddish-brown hair, though some may possess darker or lighter shades depending on their heritage. They are tall and slender like other elves, but they often appear more rugged due to their lifestyle in the wilds.

Grugach are fiercely independent; they prefer solitude and shun the company of most races except for other elves. They live by a strict code of honor, never breaking their word and always upholding justice. They are also fiercely protective of their environment, attacking any who would harm it without hesitation.

Overall, the Grugach are an elusive subrace of elves with a deep connection to nature. They may be reclusive, but those that encounter them find them to be wise and courageous allies in times of need. The Grugach use their skills wisely and carefully, never taking more than they need from the land or its people.

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Female Grugach names

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