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What is a Half-Elf?

Half-Elves are a hybrid race, created when one human and one elf parent bond together. They are known for their great intelligence and adaptability, able to fit into almost any environment without fear. They also possess a strong connection with nature, allowing them to draw on its power in times of need.

Half-Elves typically have fair skin and golden hair, though some may possess lighter or darker shades depending on their heritage. They are typically as tall as other elves, but often appear more muscular due to their human ancestry.

Overall, the Half-Elves are an ancient race with immense potential. They may be considered outsiders by both humans and elves alike, but those that meet them find them to be wise and helpful in times of need. The Half-Elves use their gifts wisely and carefully, seeking balance between the two sides of their heritage instead of favoring one over the other.

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Female Half-Elf names

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