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Embark on a quest for the perfect title with our Imperial name generator, a jewel in the crown of ESO character creation. With a simple click, unveil 10 diverse Imperial names. If the first selection doesn’t crown your character, a second click offers 10 new regal titles. Dive into our realm and let the noble pursuit of naming begin!

We used this Imperial name generator and were stunned by how well it is made. Enter your name and get your personal name now.

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What is an Imperial?

Imperials are a race in The Elder Scrolls and ESO. They are based on the Roman Empire, having a strong culture built around discipline and strength.

Physically, Imperials have a fair complexion with short hair and large eyes. They typically wear clothing made from luxurious materials.

Imperials are known for their shrewdness; they have an appreciation for knowledge as well as a clear understanding of politics. Furthermore, these disciplined people are excellent problem solvers who rely on logic when presented with difficult situations.

Overall, Imperials are powerful yet wise people that prioritize power over anything else. Their natural affinity for strategy makes them invaluable allies in times of need; they can easily provide invaluable insight when confronted with various predicaments. As such, these wise beings have earned the reverence of many who consider them irreplaceable mentors.

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