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What is a Kobold?

A Kobold is a creature appearing in Dungeons and Dragons, but also in many other fantasy franchises. But Kobolds are also known as mythological creatures. The thing is, though, that Kobolds vary drastically depending on the mythology or game you are talking about.

In Dungeons and Dragons, Kobolds are small reptilian humanoids. They have a scaly skin, with shades of brown, black, and yellow being the most common colors. The typical kobold stands between two to three feet tall and has a tail length of around one foot long.

Kobolds are clever creatures that value community over individuality; they can often be found working together in large groups or clans. Furthermore, these sly beings also possess an amazing sense of loyalty; they will fight tooth and nail for those whom they consider allies and friends.

Overall, Kobolds are fierce yet loyal creatures who prioritize strength above all else. Their natural affinity for strategy makes them invaluable comrades in times of need; they can easily provide invaluable advice when confronted with various predicaments. As such, these brave beings have earned the respect of many who consider them irreplaceable friends.

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