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Embark on a journey to name your next menacing Troll with our Troll name generator, the perfect tool for unleashing creativity. A simple click unlocks the gateway to a realm filled with 10 unique Troll names. And don’t settle for just one; click again, and ten more names arise from the depths.

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What is a Troll?

A troll is a giant, monstrous humanoid creature from Scandinavian folklore. They are usually depicted as either ugly and grotesque or strong and powerful. The size of trolls can vary greatly; some are about the same size as humans, while others can be several times bigger.

Trolls are part of many fantasy worlds as well, with each being depicted differently. In World of Warcraft, for example, they are slim, smart, cunning, and powerful. In The Lord of the Rings, they are huge, threatening beasts without a brain cell.

Funny Troll names

Trolls are often portrayed as mischievous and foul-tempered beings who enjoy causing chaos and destruction. They are also known to be extremely resilient and able to recover quickly from wounds that would kill other creatures.

Overall, trolls are fierce yet durable creatures who prioritize their own interests above all else. Their natural affinity for chaos makes them invaluable adversaries in times of need; they can easily provide considerable trouble when confronted with various predicaments. As such, these remarkable monsters have earned the admiration of many who consider them an integral part of any fantasy world.

Female Troll names

Female Troll names

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