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What is an Altmer?

The Altmer are a race of tall, golden-skinned elves in the world of The Elder Scrolls. They hail from the Summerset Isles and have strong ties to magic.

Altmer possess an affinity for various forms of magic such as Illusion and Alteration, allowing them to manipulate their environment or even bend reality itself. Their heightened intelligence also grants them access to many powerful spells and unique magical artifacts.

Altmer value knowledge above all else, often spending their lives seeking out new information or ways to better themselves and those around them. They are typically kind-hearted and benevolent people who strive to use their vast intellect for the greater good.

Altmers are known for their graceful and agile movements as well as their keen intellect. They possess an affinity for acrobatics, making them adept at traversing through the environment with ease.

Altmer are seen as a symbol of hope and knowledge in many circles; their wisdom and insight often lead to peaceful solutions in difficult situations. As such, they have become a beacon of light in dark times, guiding others away from danger and towards safety.

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