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Everybody loves great Celtic names, right? This Celtic name generator crafts fantastic Celtic names for your DnD characters, ready for you to use. Generate hundreds of amazing Celtic names for DnD characters with just one click!

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What is a Celtic?

Celtics are a race in Dungeons and Dragons. They are very similar to humans but much stronger and more resilient.

Celtics typically have fair skin, blonde or red hair, and freckles. They are taller than average humans and possess a natural affinity for magic and spellcasting.

In terms of culture, Celtics value courage above all else; they are often seen engaging in daring feats or exploring new ways to test their physical limits. Additionally, they’re known for being brave problem solvers who can think outside the box when presented with difficult situations.

Overall, Celtics are a courageous race that values strength and bravery. They possess a natural affinity for magic and spellcasting, allowing them to use its power to aid them in their endeavors. As such, Celtics are often seen as wise and powerful guides who can offer valuable insight into difficult situations.

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