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What is an Elezen?

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Elezen are a playable race of tall, proud humanoids with pointed ears. They live in forests and mountains and survive by hunting animals or gathering plants for sustenance.

Elezens have a great appreciation for both nature and culture. They value honor, courage, and loyalty above all else; they also believe strongly in justice, which makes them naturally inclined to be warrior-like individuals.

The Elezen culture is based on honor and respect. Despite this, they can still be aggressive and unpredictable if confronted with something they don’t understand.

Overall, Elezens are strong yet wise creatures who prioritize justice above all else. Their natural affinity for battle makes them very fearsome enemies! With their intelligence and strength, they can easily provide considerable assistance when faced with various predicaments. As such, these remarkable beings have earned the admiration of many.

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Female Elezen names

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