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This Khajiit name generator generates thousands of great Khajiit names for your Khajiit character in ESO. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it! Each click generates 10 new Khajiit names!

There are so many Khajiit name generators out there, but this one is by far the best. Check it out now!

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What is a Khajiit?

Khajiit are cat-like creatures that can be found in the Elder Scrolls series, such as Morrowind and Skyrim. These humanoid feline-like creatures have a variety of characteristics that set them apart from humans.

Khajiit are very nimble and born thieves. Their fur is often dark, but there are also Khajiit that have light fur. In general, their fur can look like the fur of any cat.

Khajiit have a unique way of talking and communicating. They often use their own language, which is called Ta’agra. Khajiit are also known for being wise and honorable problem solvers. They value knowledge and intelligence over brute force.

Overall, Khajiit are swift yet cunning creatures. Their natural affinity for stealth makes them invaluable partners in times of need; they can easily provide valuable insight when confronted with various predicaments. The intelligence and loyalty of these remarkable creatures have earned the admiration of countless people worldwide, making them beloved companions.

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